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If Bible Scholars Studied U.S. History, Chesterton Defines and Defends Patriotism, and much more! (3001)

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07/04/2011 Comment

Tito Edwards of

If Biblical Scholars Studied Early American History - Eric Sammons, The Divine Life

Chesterton Defines and Defends Patriotism - Carl Olson, Ignatius Insight Scoop

Father Aidan Nichols on the U.K. Anglican Ordinariate Liturgy - Pascal, Rorate Cæli

Monsignor Georg Ratzinger Also Marks 60th Anniversary - Gudrum Sailer, Zenit

Miracle Claimed Through Intercession of Venerable Pius XII - Father John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say?

John Julius Norwich Dredges Up the Same Old Slur about Venerable Pius XII - Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

Cardinal Georg Sterzinsky, Long-Serving Berlin Archbishop, Dies at 75 - Associated Press

Mexico: Priest Killed in Drug War Crossfire - The Monitor

. . .The Brownsville Herald: Bishop Daniel E. Flores Expresses Sorrow. . .

Vatican City State & Holy See Back in the Financial Black - David Kerr, Catholic News Agency

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