10 Hilarious Twitter Reactions to the Knights of Columbus Regalia Change - Katie Prejean, epicPew

Secularists Begin Their War on Catholic America - Shane Schaetzel, Catholic in the Ozarks

Guam’s Catholics Pray for Peace Amid Ongoing Threats from North Korea – CNA via The Catholic World Report

Pia de Solenni Tapped to be Chancellor of Diocese of Orange – Kathleen N. Hattrup, Aleteia

Business as Usual for Secularists – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic

What a Fundraiser Should Do Every Week – Brice Sokolowski, CatholicFundraiser.com

Let Christ Rip The Rug Up From Under You – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand

“LIT” is One of the Best Catholic Resources Available – Shaun McAfee O.P., epicPew

How to Read the ‘Rapture’ Verses – Tim Staples, Catholic Answers Magazine

Twitter Liturgy: Luther Would Be So Proud. . . – Fr. Z’s Blog

Enlightened Urbanites & the Violent Sport of Statue Tipping – Alan L. Anderson, via The Catholic World Report

Charlottesville: A Clash of False Alternatives – John Horvat II, Crisis Magazine

Traditional Parish Thrives in Northern Kentucky – Brian Williams, Liturgy Guy

Vatican Astronomer: Solar Eclipse Recalls Beauty, Truth of Creation – Catholic News Agency

Without Christian Witness & Culture, the West Cannot Resist Islam – Fr. M.J. Stravinskas, The Catholic World Report

Fr. Aidan Nichols: ‘Amoris Lætitia’ has Led to an “Extremely Grave” Situation – Fr. Z’s Blog

Attending Mass with the Maronites – Paul Oakes, Catholic Stand

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