Those wondering what impact Nancy Pelosi’s meetings with Pope Benedict XVI yesterday, and San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer 11 days ago have had on the Speaker, have to wonder no more. They haven’t had an impact, at least not on her positions on the life issue.

Pelosi’s spokesman, Brendan Daly confirmed with me just minutes ago that she has no plans to change her position on abortion.

“She has said, as it says in the Democratic party platform, she wants to reduce the number of abortions,” said Daly. “But she will remain pro-choice.”

While much was made of Pelosi’s meeting with the Pope yesterday, few knew about her meeting 10 days prior with her own local ordinary.

That revelation was discovered by Michael Voris, executive director of the Boston-based

Apparently, not even the Archdiocese’s communications director, Maurice Healy, was aware that the meeting had taken place until Feb. 17.

Interestingly, neither the Archbishop nor Pelosi have made any statements regarding their meeting.

Healy told me that the impetus for the meeting were Pelosi’s public remarks on “Meet the Press” last August.

“Her ‘Meet the Press’ statements were really extraordinary,” said Healy. “They were the impetus for the personal meeting. The Archbishop felt that she didn’t have an appreciation of Catholic doctrine and he wanted to address that.”

Healy described it as a pastoral meeting and didn’t expect that any public statements would be made about it.

“They had a productive meeting,” Daly told me. Asked whether the two had reached any agreement on the issues first raised last September, Daly said, “They agreed to have dialogue and that they would meet again.”

“She’s had a consistent record of disregarding the Church’s teachings,” said Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League. “I regard her as the most brazen and bold Catholic in the U.S. Congress. She’s an emissary of the Obama administration.”