That’s if I drank the stuff…

As a Catholic journalist, in addition to the National Catholic Register, I maintain a set of favorite links that I depend on daily for catching up on world and Catholic news. No doubt, they’re the very same sites that you visit on a frequent basis – places like the Catholic News Agency, the USCCB’s Catholic News Service, and, just to name a couple examples.

Amid the many sites that I look at daily, I have a new favorite. It’s Britain’s Catholic Herald.

The Herald’s editor, Luke Coppen, puts together a concise “Morning Catholic Must Reads” that’s exactly the kind of thing I look for. It highlights some of the day’s most important global Catholic stories in a brief yet thorough way. There’s no huge list of links to pour through. He provides tidy little summaries, and they are precisely the kinds of stories that I find on my own or end up reading via other news sites. It’s a valuable service Coppen provides – and all from that friendly island nation across the Atlantic.

Anytime I think about criticizing the Internet, I think of the service that such sites provide in terms of distilling the news. For a journalist, or a lay person, short on time, it just doesn’t get any better.

If you have some favorite Catholic news aggregation sites, list them below in the comment section. I’m always looking for something new.