Hey, everybody.  Isn't there a tradition of indulging people on Christmas day?  Maybe you will indulge me for a minute while I share this picture my son made for me:

First of all, is that not the happiest Christ Child you have ever seen? 

Man, he came here to bring light to the world and to save your soul, and he is ready and raring to go.

Next, I'd like to draw your attention to Saint Joseph.  St. Joseph is often depicted on his knees, although it's usually in adoration of the Child.  But this Joseph

clearly suffered along with Mary as she labored, and he appears to have flung himself to his knees is sheer, gleeful, goofy gratitude that's it's finally over.   Whoopee!  (Whereas the shepherd, at St. Joseph's left, is playing the part of the unmarried uncle.  He's like, "Whoa, new baby, huh?  That's cool," but maybe he doesn't really get it yet.  But he will!)

And then we have Mary.

My son (who has five younger siblings, and obviously remember their nativities) explained, "I tried to make her looking really tired but really happy.  But she turned out looking . . . crazy."  Well, it was an exciting night!  I think moms far and wide can look at this Blessed Virgin's frazzled hair and nutty grin and see something a little bit familiar -- whether we recall labor and delivery, or just preparation and execution of a family Christmas morning.

And finally, we have this sheep. 

He's just looking.  He sees the baby.  He knows something's going on.  But he's just a sheep.  He doesn't know what to think.

I've had Christmases like that, too.  It's okay to be a sheep.  Even if you aren't all caught up in the rejoicing, that baby came for you, too.  See how close He lets you get?

Merry Christmas, everybody.  May that happy, happy Child bring you joy, whether Christmas morning busts right through the walls of your stable, or whether you're just a guarded onlooker, like this sheep.  Either way, Christ is here.  Gloria in excelsis deo!