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Eight Lovely Things

09/07/2012 Comments (13)

Bad week, everybody?  There, there.  Here is your favorite blanket, and while the tea water is heating up, here are eight lovely things:

A lovely  hummingbird, fast asleep in a pot:  



A lovely murmuration of starlings:  



A lovely man playing a homemade cucumber trumpet:  



A lovely way to waste time (via Thomas McDonald, who I'm pretty sure stole it from me in some way)


A lovely setting, sung by lovely Russians, of "By the Waters of Babylon" via Elizabeth Scalia:



A lovely compensation for the dying of the summer:  pomegranates are almost in season!  I may not even buy any this year -- I just enjoy knowing that, all over the place, there are edible jewels growing on trees. 

(photo source)

Oh, lovely pomegranates!

The lovely Ella Fitzgerald:



And a lovely bit of background to this post:  my baby has a fever, so I gave her some ibuprofen.  I held her as I typed, and she nursed herself to sleep . . .  and then nursed herself back awake again.  And now she is cool and happy.  Oh, lovely nursing!  Oh, lovely modern medicine!  Oh, lovely baby.


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