As a Catholic blogger, I know just how hard it is to be a good Catholic blogger. I admire so many bloggers that bring fidelity, insight, and yuks to the Catholic Interwebs every day. It is one thing to bring it for an occasional post, it is quite another to bring it every day.

Of course, I admire all of the great bloggers here at the Register. Jen Fulwiler is a great writer, period. Mark Shea is a founder of Catholic blogging and still one of its best bloggers. That Mark has been able to do it for this long and at the quality level he maintains is truly remarkable. Matthew and I owe a special debt of gratitude to Mark for all the help he gave us when we were first getting started years ago. We probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Mark, something I am sure Mark regrets every day!

I have done so many spit takes reading Simcha’s posts that I had to get a new laptop. Never drink milk while reading Simcha, never. And all the other bloggers here at the Register are top notch.

But there are so many other great Catholic blogs and bloggers out there, I thought I might write a few posts telling you which ones I like and why. This is the first. So here goes…

The American Catholic—This is a group blog that covers a wide variety of Church topics, but a penchant for politics and culture.  Worth checking out every day.

Betty Beguiles—Hallie Lord writes on the topics of fashion, modesty, marriage, romance and faith. Simply a delightful read.

Father Z - WDTPRS—Father Z may be the biggest Catholic blogger out there and there is a reason for it, he is good at what he does.  While Father’s sweet spot is liturgy and Latin, but you will also find interesting posts there on topics ranging from the Anglican Communion to politics to what he made for dinner last night (always with pictures.)

Danielle Bean and the entire crew at Faith and Family Live. Who knew that girl stuff could be so interesting? Of course, I read it just to know what the other half is thinking.

Testosterhome—Rachel Balducci writes on the care and feeding of boys. One of the best blogs for Catholic moms around.

The Curt Jester — Jeff Miller is one of the granddaddys (sorry Jeff) of Catholic blogging and still one of its funniest contributors. How he has managed to stay this funny for so long without burning out is beyond me.

Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate—The always faithful Jay Anderson writes one of the best Catholic Political blogs around. I really love it when he gets angry.

Father Barron and Word On Fire—Father Barron is not blogger per se, he is really a vlogger. Father Barron truly has a gift. He is absolutely one of the best Catholic speakers around. He is a close to Fulton Sheen as we are likely to find in this generation.

Canterbury Tales—Taylor Marshall, a former Episcopal priest in Fort Worth, Texas turned Catholic, writes one of the best Catholic blogs out there. Trust me on this.

Aggie Catholics—Marcel LeJeune writes one of the best pro-life blogs around. But don’t think that is all he covers, he is an all around great Catholic blogger.

Reflections of a Paralytic.—Chelsea Zimmerman, who was paralyzed in an accident ten years ago writes about life issues and more. She is one of the up and coming stars of the Catholic blogosphere. Keep an eye on this one, Matthew and I are big fans.

This is but a sampling of the sites that I love and read every day. If I missed your favorite or your blog, no worries, I will be writing future posts to tell you all about more, but for now, tell me about the sites you love and why.