It's a tall order, but there's a revolution afoot that aims to do just that (bring sexy back, that is). But not just any sex. Great sex. Sex the way it was meant to be. The kind of sexy that isn't all about sex, but about the expression of something much more profound, beautiful, fulfilling and dignifying to the human person. And it's all starting with a new website just launched by Marc Barnes and some of his crazy buddies. You can check it out at

The concept is brilliant. And it's brilliantly executed.

From the website:

"If anything can be said of our generation, it’s this: We want sexy back. Our parent’s generation, well, they lost it. They delivered to us a world with sky-high rates of divorce, abortion, and STDs; a world bored with sex and bored with romance; a world in which more and more people are turning to pornography to find sexual satisfaction; a world in which 1 in 5 women report being sexual assaulted, and the human body — the sexiest thing in the universe — is used to sell cars."

At least the latest generation recognizes that they've lost sexy (hence the wanting to bring it back all the time). But the problem is that their repeated attemps at bringing sexy back have consisted of the same mistakes that scared sexy off in the first place. wants to fix that.

To the surprise of many, it's the Church who holds the solution to this age old challenge. We just do a good job of having to relearn the lesson repeatedly throughout history. In recent times, it took Pope John Paul II and some other great theologians to resurrect what sexy is all about (Theology of the Body). But most people still don't know it yet. And unfortunately, this genius solution to bringing sexy back has largely laid buried for generations beneath stoic rhetoric and across the chasm of a remarkably disengaged populace. is helping to bridge the gap and will connect with a very secular pop-culture in ways few have done. You might not get it. You might think it's too sexed up. You might think I'm using the word sex too much. But that's because maybe it's not for you. It's for all of those folks out there who need something new to wack them in the face and get them to start thinking differently about things like contraception, marriage, sex and relationships.

And that's the best part about this new site. It's not just about provocative, edgy graphics that get people thinking (and pinning?). Like these...

But the website is also filled with tons of things for inquiring minds to "consider" about artificial contraception. And it does so on terms and using language that your average secular seeker will relate to. Things like these...

Anyway, you can check it out at and join the revolt on their Facebook fan page.

What do you think about it? Any thoughts?