Thank You and Goodbye, Friends!

05/31/2013 Comments (13)

My post last week (Why the World doesn't take Catholicism Seriously) captured what's been stewing and bubbling up inside of me over the past few years. And partially explains why I've decided to move on from my writing here at the National Catholic Register. This is officially one last post to say thank you.

When I first started writing for the Register over 3 years ago, I was intimidated to be writing next to so many of my heroes. I still am. It was a great privilege to be given such a platform to express my opinions. It still is.

I'm flattered you took the time to read what I wrote over the years, much less to comment — whether you agreed or disagreed (and even if you broke one of...READ MORE

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Why the world doesn't take Catholicism seriously

05/15/2013 Comments (359)

For years I've been immersed in Catholic media and the ongoing conversation within the Church of how to carry on as the Church. And, of course, in the West, at the heart of this conversation is the fact that within the next generation half of the pews will empty.

When I travel, I always get asked by parents how they can get their adult children back to church. It's an epidemic. We know this.

And we can talk about catechesis and community and leadership and orthodoxy and the sacraments and the fullness of truth. We can complain about politics and how we need more preaching from the pulpit. But here is the core problem. Here is the practical reason why people are not convinced of the...READ MORE

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Ask Fr. Barron: How Fr. Barron got started in media and dating advice for Lino

04/26/2013 Comments (9)

Lino Rulli is like the funniest and best looking guy between the age of 39-45 with a book and a national catholic satellite radio show that airs M-F 11am-1pm ET that I know. I don't care what anyone else says.

Here he asks Fr. Barron for some dating advice and about how Fr. Barron got his start in media.

Actually, this question was from a couple years ago, but I'm just now able to post it. However, seeing as how Lino is still single (I think), I feel bad for not having gotten this advice to him much sooner. Better late than never.


View the entirety of my Ask Fr. Barron series (so far) by clicking here.

Does anyone else have any dating advice for Lino?

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Ask Fr. Barron: What gives you hope for future of the Church?

04/06/2013 Comments (8)

It's easy to lose hope in the Church sometimes. We are constantly under attack from without, undermined from within and so many people seem to be drifting out of it.

Yet, we have so much more that gives us hope. Not only because Jesus has already conquered death and won for us, but because He continues to still work so powerfully within the Church in our present day. Here are a few things from Fr. Barron that should affirm us in our great hope in the future of the Church!

The talented and inspiring Jackie Francois asks Fr. Barron, "What gives you hope for the future of the Church?"

View the entirety of my Ask Fr. Barron series (so far) by clicking here.

What gives YOU hope for...READ MORE

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Ask Fr. Barron: How do we keep social networking from becoming superficial?

03/29/2013 Comments (4)

Avery Grant, founder of Live WTL (an evangelization ministry for teens), asks Fr. Barron about how we can keep a good balance between reaching out to others and spending personal time with God. It's an extremely relevant question, particularly for the younger generations.

Using Social Media to evangelize is extremely powerful. But, and I can confirm this first hand, it can easily overwhelm you with a steady stream of stimulation and noise that leaves little room for prayer and silence. It can easily, and in the name of good things, suck up every spare bit of time that you have. And one can quickly find themselves out of substance and running on empty.

Here's what Fr. Barron had to...READ MORE

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Ask Fr. Barron: How to evangelize in a 30-sec sound-byte culture?

03/22/2013 Comments (3)

For this week, I asked Fr. Barron a question of my own. Lucky me!

Being somebody who works in "New Media" and likes studying the impacts of new technologies on culture and how we communicate, there are some unique challenges in sharing the Faith in this information age. One such problem is the scarcity of attention combined with an explosion of things demanding our attention.

Afterall, the amount of information available to us has increased orders of magnitude in recent years, yet we still have the same amount of time in a day. This means more things competing for our attention than ever before. It means we have more choices and temptations to consume information and the same amount...READ MORE

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Ask Fr. Barron: How do we best reach the people in the pews?

03/15/2013 Comments (65)

This is an especially appropriate question for Fr. Barron, who has become well known for his ability to do precisely what this question addresses. Matt Pinto, president and founder of Ascension Press, asks how we can best reach the people in the pews with the message of the Church?

This is advice that everyone at every level of the Church should hear and heed. It is simple, obvious and too often left out of our evangelization efforts. Please watch and share:

View the entirety of my Ask Fr. Barron series (so far) by clicking here.

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Ask Fr. Barron: Is beauty really all in the eye of the beholder?

03/08/2013 Comments (10)

This week Cory Heimann (of Likable Art) asks about Beauty and the challenges of communicating and sharing it with others in our current culture. Is beauty really all in the eye of the beholder? Watch this video to find out!

View the entirety of my Ask Fr. Barron series (so far) by clicking here.

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