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Unite for Life Next Tuesday

05/11/2011 Comments (7)

I love the pro-life movement and hate leaving my house, so I am all ears when someone tells me about ways to offer my support from the comfort of my couch. This leaves me very excited to help promote the Unite for Life webcast next Tuesday (May 17). The event, which will be broadcast at 8pm in each time zone in the U.S., will feature an interview with Abby Johnson in which she sheds new light on how her desire to help women led her first to Planned Parenthood, and eventually to the pro-life movement. I’m also interested to hear from the special guests, since they’re all people who are truly on the front lines of the battle for life, including:

The event is expected to last about an hour, and is free to attend (they just ask you to register so that they know who’s in the room, so to speak). Best of all, proceeds from the donations will go directly to featured pregnancy care centers across the U.S. and Canada.

The organizers are asking the pro-life online world to help them get the word out about this great event. If you’d like to help, you can:

  • Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter about it
  • Use the #uniteforlife hashtag
  • Add a banner to your blog or website (available at the bottom of this page)
  • Starting this Friday and continuing through Tuesday, May 17, use the graphic on this page as your Facebook profile image

Also, don’t forget to follow the #uniteforlife hashtag during the event to hear everyone’s thoughts as they watch the webcast. It promises to be a fun evening for a great cause. Hope to “see” you there!


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