Thousands of pilgrims have been streaming into Rome over the past week for the start of the “Big Weekend” which opens tonight with the Vigil in honor of John Paul II at 8pm local time.

And although it’s currently raining in Rome and some storms are forecast on Monday, meteorologists predict the rain clouds will make way for a sunny day tomorrow, the date of the beatification in St. Peter’s Square. 

If, like most, you won’t be able to make it here to join the celebrations in person, you can still follow all the events of the three days on EWTN which will be offering extensive coverage.

The Vatican has also been pulling out the stops to ensure you don’t miss a thing. This page on the Vatican Radio site has details of the schedule of events (this page is also helpful) and links to the cameras of Vatican television. For some background on how the beatification will unfold, the Vatican has released this note from the Pontifical Household.

In the meantime, check back for updates from Tom Wehner and me over the next three days.