So I had my post last week where I trashed modern American television—“reality” television in particular.

After that post, I heard from a few readers via email who wanted to let me know that television is not all trash. They’ve inspired me to take a more positive look at TV this week.

To get us started, let’s consider this list, sent to me by reader John who opened my eyes to the fact that not all reality TV is trash. I might take issue with certain shows he endorses, but on the whole, I think he makes a good point. I hope you’ll read this through, offer your thoughts, and add your own “Good TV” list in the comments.

John writes:

Examples of reality television shows in which the human heart is touched, the dignity of every person is displayed and faith, hope and live are elevated.

1.) Extreme Makeover:Home Edition
2.) American Idol
3.) America’s Got Talent

Other non-reality based shows:

1.) The Locator
2.) 19 Kids and Counting (Duggars)
3.) Ice-Road truckers
4.) Deadliest Catch
5.) Glenn Beck
6.) Hannity
7.) The O’Reilly Factor
8.) Undercover Boss
9.) Where Did It Come From?
10.) Downsized

Entire channels with very few moral objections:

2.) FOX News
3.) Any sports telecast
4.) EWTN
5.) Most Movie channels (HBO, Starz, Encore) from 6am to 10pm
6.) Discovery Channel
7.) Millitary Channel
8.) TV Land

Ya see? You can isolate the filth but there’s always hope, no matter what ...

Oh, and the grandfather of Reality TV, Documentary films, always have good options:

Hard as Nails
The Human Experience
Invisible Children
God on the Streets of NYC
Fishers of Men

Thanks for the food for thought, John!