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College said it is committed to reporting and investigating all allegations of abuse, following claims that it has mishandled cases in the past.
Gerald J. Russello
COMMENTARY: The newest justice didn’t ‘side with the liberals’ in Sessions v. Dimaya. He, along with his predecessor, concurs on the ‘vagueness doctrine.’
Two priests have been placed on leave from their duties after a recent wave of accusations of sexual abuse against priests in the Saginaw Diocese.
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Official says move shows commitment to Bavarian identity and Christian values.
Cardinal, prime minister join citizens in condolences.
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Assembly Bill 2943, which passed through the California State Assembly April 19, would ban advertising or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts unlawful. The bill now will go to the California State Senate.
Peter Jesserer Smith
Drawing from the Catholic principle of subsidiarity, the outgoing speaker of the House says breaking the cycle of dependency requires the federal government to support customized solutions developed at the local level.
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Pope Francis’ commission for the protection of minors met in Rome last week.
ACI Prensa
Twenty-three priests have been murdered in the country in the last six years.
Hudson Byblow
Fr. James Martin speaks about building bridges, but he does not seem to be interested in building bridges to people like me
Celeste Behe
Commentator looks at this papacy in his new book, To Change the Church.
Christopher Carstens
COMMENTARY: When receiving Jesus at Communion, recall the awesome insight of St. John Paul II’s encyclical.
Edward Pentin
The 23-month-old toddler and his family continue to fight for his life, despite numerous setbacks.