A Service of EWTN
Peter Jesserer Smith
U.S. churches are starting to adapt to Europe’s reality, where the faithful carry cards or their mobile phones but not cash.
Rachel Lanz
Also present were members of the saint's order and Brother Leo Prabhakar, who received a miracle through the intercession of St. Katharina that made her canonization possible.
Catholic News Agency
The decision was issued without the possibility to appeal, the Vatican announced Oct. 13.
Hannah Brockhaus/CNA
Each section will require a 2/3 majority to pass, before being forwarded to Pope Francis.
Jonathan Liedl
Priests are going hungry and religious communities have been leaving the country, but leaders say crisis is an opportunity to return to the core of the Gospel.
JD Flynn/CNA
The cardinal said that the participation of young Catholics in this synod makes it a very different experience from those he has previously attended.
Jennifer Roback Morse
Just remember: Pray. Learn. Speak Out. Repeat.
Courtney Grogan/ CNA
Pope Paul VI, Oscar Romero, Vincent Romano, Francesco Spinelli, Nunzio Sulprizio, Nazaria Ignacia March Mesa, and Maria Katharina Kasper were officially recognized as saints at the Oct. 14 Mass in St. Peter's Square in Rome.
Sunday Guide
Claire Dwyer
User’s Guide to Sunday, Oct. 14
Matthew E. Bunson
Recalling the Pope’s Prophetic Papacy
Paul Kengor
COMMENTARY: It seems more likely now that we are indeed facing, as Cardinal Karol Wojtyla said in 1976, the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through.
Steven D. Greydanus
The La La Land filmmakers reunite to explore the private life of Neil Armstrong and the triumphs and tragedies of the space race.
Msgr. Charles Pope
Yes, stay angry at sin and corruption — but let your anger take the form of holy perseverance, not unholy bitterness.