SUNDAY, Oct. 6, 1:30pm

Gregorian Chant by the Friars of Solesmes

EWTN For centuries, the Church has treasured this form of music, meant to lift the mind and heart to God. The monks of the famous Benedictine Abbey of Solesmes sing beautiful Gregorian chant, which Pope St. Pius X told the Church to revive. Scenes of monasteries in Spain accompany the chant.

MONDAY, Oct. 7, 10pm

Brooklyn Castle

PBS Can five kids from a poverty-level junior-high school in Brooklyn become chess champions? Yes! I.S. 318’s chess team has won more U.S. championships than any other school’s team. This inspiring film reveals the team members’ secrets of success both on the chessboard and in their challenging personal lives.

FRIDAY, Oct. 11, 6:30pm

The Greatness of Ordinary Life

EWTN Every baptized person must follow Christ, live the Gospel and share it with others. Discover how Opus Dei gives all Catholics, including the vast majority who live "ordinary" lives, a way to grow in holiness and win souls for Christ through the course of their daily life.

SATURDAY, Oct. 12, 5:30pm

Central & Eastern Europe: A Return to Life

EWTN Abortion is one of the errors of Russia that Our Lady of Fatima warned about, and it devastated the nations under communist rule. But people are working to rebuild a culture of life in these now-free lands.

SUNDAY, Oct. 13, 10pm

Conversation With Cardinal Dolan

EWTN Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, will take calls and emails about important religious issues and share his insights on those questions.

MONDAY, Oct. 14, 1pm

Favorite Money-Saving Meals Recipes: Family Feast

Food Network In her new daytime cooking series, host Sandra Lee cooks bargain-priced recipes for the entire week. Then she makes clever leftover dishes from her creations. She reveals new ways to save at the grocery store, too.

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 16, 11:45pm

Mask of Zorro

Turner Classic Movies Always worth watching, this Catholic-friendly film from 1940 takes viewers back to the golden age of the California missions, when the masked swordsman Zorro defended the downtrodden, righted injustices and made fools of the villains.

SATURDAY, Oct. 19, 1:30pm

Many Faces of Mary: Our Lady of Knock

EWTN 1879 was a year of great hardship in Ireland. But, suddenly, one rainy evening, 15 people in Knock, County Mayo, saw the Mother of God appearing before the village church with St. John the Apostle, St. Joseph and a Paschal Lamb, all of them surrounded by angels and heavenly light. Bob and Penny Lord tell the riveting story of this miracle and take viewers to the basilica there, the scene of healing services.

Mike Engler writes from

Santa Barbara, California.

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brother Dan, who is

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