We were pleased to hear from readers when I last asked for feedback about the Register. At the time, I pointed out that, in our office, we hear mostly negative feedback. In response, readers took the time to point out what they like about the Register.

In conversation recently, another observation was made. We often like to stress that the Register helps “equip active Catholics to engage the culture.” In other words, we give you the information and “talking points” you need to speak convincingly about how the Church’s teaching affects current issues. We also inspire you with stories of effective laypeople to encourage you to join in the great apostolic project of our time.

But there’s something else to being a subscriber to the Register.

Doesn’t the very act of receiving a Catholic newspaper, week after week, strengthen a reader’s Catholic identity? A hiker doesn’t receive a hiking magazine just for the information in it — it also includes the subscriber in the community of hikers.

It seems that with a Catholic newspaper this simple fact might take on even greater importance — by strengthening the bond readers have with the Church, and with other members of the body of Christ.

I would like to ask you a question again: What it is about the experience of being a Register subscriber that you appreciate? What happens when it comes in the mailbox? I have heard from families who crowd around the paper to read “Umbert the Unborn” together, and from readers who read the whole issue all the way through as soon as it comes.

Let us know your own “Register habits.” This will help us as we promote this vital resource to more readers.