"Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8), and so while we may have hoped for a different outcome to the elections, we must remain focused on the good.

It’s important to highlight some significant gains that were made — gains we report on in this edition of the Register: Massachusetts voters rejected a bill that would have legalized assisted suicide, which is a benign way of saying euthanasia.

Montana voters approved a parental-notification law, making it the 38th state to adopt a law to make parents aware if their daughter is considering abortion.

Nebraska Sen.-elect Deb Fischer, although not Catholic, is aligned with Catholic values on abortion and same-sex "marriage" and will be a boon to values voters.

Also, five states passed amendments rejecting the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare — because of its contraception mandate and the infringements upon faithful people and faith-based companies and organizations (like EWTN). And they’re fighting it through the courts.

No matter how disappointed we may be, we can be confident in "the hope that does not disappoint." As Dominican Father Brian Mullady says in his compelling column on page 7, our true citizenship is in heaven.

It’s essential for all of us to remember: Our hope is always rooted in Christ, who reigns sovereign and has already won the victory.

God bless you!