Lincoln Diocese Attracts the Faithful

LINCOLN STAR JOURNAL, Nov. 29 — The Nebraska daily reported on Catholics who have moved to Lincoln specifically because of the reputation of the diocese there. The piety, devotion and adherence to correct doctrine and practice attracted people like Julie and Alton Davis, who had figured on spending the rest of their lives in Texas.

But they got such glowing reports from their son, Matt, who studied for the priesthood in Lincoln, that they decided to move there too.

Of Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, Julie Davis commented: “We were really impressed by a man who would exercise such leadership, because it was so unheard of.”

Unlike most dioceses across the country, the Lincoln Diocese does not allow female altar servers and allows female extraordinary ministers of holy Communion only in exceptional circumstances.

Because of the diocese’s orthodoxy, said the Star, there is a high number of vocations both to the priesthood and female religious orders.

Said Bishop Bruskewitz, “We do what we’re supposed to do and do it the best we can.”

Nativity Story Rejected by Christmas Festival

ASSOCIATED PRESS, Nov. 27 — Chicago city officials determined that a public Christmas festival was no place for the motion picture The Nativity Story. The city doesn’t want to appear to endorse one religion over another, reported the AP.

New Line Cinema had planned to play a loop of their film on televisions at the German Christkindlmarket, but the Mayor’s Office of Special Events asked them to reconsider.

“Our guidance was that this very prominently displayed advertisement would … be insensitive to the many people of different faiths who come to enjoy the market for its food and unique gifts,” said Jim Law, executive director of the office.

New Line had planned to help sponsor the event by spending $12,000 in Chicago.

Said Christina Kounelias, executive vice president of New Line: “One would assume that if people were to go to Christkindlmarket, they’d know it is about Christmas.”

‘Bible Geek’ Advises Catholic Teens

TUCSON CITIZEN, Nov. 25 — Mark Hart, aka “Bible Geek,” is on a crusade to reinvigorate the faith of Catholic teens, said the Arizona daily. Hart is vice president of the Mesa, Ariz.-based Life Teen International.

After graduating with a degree in telecommunications from the University of Notre Dame, Hart decided to serve a year as youth minister at St. Maria Goretti Church in Scottsdale. One year turned into two, and in 1997, he applied for a position with Life Teen.

Hart launched “Bible Geek” as an e-mail-based Scripture commentary written for Catholic teens. It has garnered more than 40,000 readers and led to his first book, Ask the Bible Geek: Answers to Questions from Catholic Teens.
Hart said he is “trying to dismantle every misconception that people have about Scripture, Christianity and the Catholic Church.”