What do Americans want? Traditional values, if a new Barna Group survey of 1,000 randomly selected adults gives a good indication. Asked what elements their “ideal life” would include, 85% named “living with a high degree of integrity.” This was followed closely by having one marriage partner for life (80%), having a clear purpose for living (77%), having a close relationship with God (75%) and having close, personal friendships (74%). “Stability rules,” George Barna, who has been conducting similar surveys since 1991, told the Christian Post. “Out of 19 factors, only two have seen even a 10-point shift in nearly two decades. That’s rather remarkable consistency.” Times change but, in their hearts, he added, Americans “have retained some pretty basic and traditional hopes and dreams. Leaders might take note of this and compare their own vision and plans for the future with the ideal life that Americans hope to experience.” Kevin Bedan illustration