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Encountering God Through Beauty, Shakespeare Good and Great, The Sound of Faith, and much more! (9046)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/03/2012 Comment

Tito Edwards of

Encountering God Through Beauty - Emily Stimpson, Catholic Vote

Shakespeare Good and Great - Michael Platt, Crisis Magazine

The Sound of Faith - Robert Reilly, The Catholic Thing

Why Priest Veil’s Hands During Benediction of Blessed Sacrament - Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

The Institution of the Eucharist by Guisto - Dr. Caroline Farey, New Liturgical Movement

Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete (video) - Augustinus, Rorate Cæli

Priest Warns Obama: Better Knock Us Out, You’ve Awakened a Sleeping Giant - John-Henry Westen,

When YouTube Bans the Trailer, You Know the Book’s Gonna be Good - Jennifer Fulwiler, Conversion Diary

Choosing a College and Life Happens - Leah Jacobson, Ignitum Today

Quæritur: Are Sundays Part of Lent? - Fr. Z’s Blog

The White House Hopes For Schism - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Project X & Wanderlust, On Being Lost in America - Marc T. Newman, Catholic Lane

U.K. Public Authority to Prohibit God From Healing the Sick! - J. C. von Krempach JD, Turtle Bay and Beyond

The Lost Dignity of Work - Chris Robertson, Acton Institute/PowerBlog

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