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'I Believe ... in the Communion of Saints'

11/01/2010 Comments (47)

I usually petition my patron saints (Thomas Aquinas, Matthew the Evangelist and Robert Bellarmine) every day to pray for me.

On this day, however, I give special recognition to all of those (including one daughter) who make up the communion of saints. It’s one of those mystical components of our faith that I really love.

This post is pretty simple: Who is your favorite saint, or what member of the communion of saints has had a profound impact on you?

This started out simply as a “Status Update” on the Register’s Facebook page and got a bunch of responses in the first few minutes. I just had to pose the question here.

Personally, St. Francis de Sales and St. Paul of Tarsus have helped greatly in really getting me to take this pearl of great price seriously. A couple others are St. Bernadette and St. Thomas More, who taught me the value of redemptive suffering and to staying true to the faith in the face of persecution.

So, what about you?

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