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Thanksgiving, Fatima, etc.

10/13/2008 Comment

Fatima's newspaper reports on the miracle of the sun. (wiki)

Blogging will be light today. The Register’s offices are closed for Columbus Day and our regular blogger, Contributing Editor Tom McFeely, is celebrating Canada’s Thanksgiving Day.

It’s also the 91st anniversary of the miracle of the Sun in Fatima, which is the occasion of the miracle being reported anew in Ohio.

Fatima’s message of praying the rosary daily has bigtime papal approval ...

Pope Benedict XVI embraced the whole, “In the end, my immaculate heart will triumph” thing.

Pope John Paul II went so far as to mention it in his Year of the Rosary letter.

So, enjoy the 91st anniversary. Or Canadian Thanksgiving. Or Columbus Day. If you haven’t seen Faith & Family Live!, our sister site, they might be blogging today over there…

—Tom Hoopes

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