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Pro-Lifers: Tally Your Rally

01/31/2009 Comment

We compiled the most complete set of numbers I’ve seen of non-D.C. 2009 pro-life rallies marking Roe v. Wade. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to report your own city’s rally (give name, city, state, rally name & date, number participants).

So far, I have 60,000 pro-lifers rallying, state by state:

In Anchorage, 100 people participated in a prayer service.

In Little Rock, 6,000 attended a March for Life. 

In San Francisco, 32,000 people participated in The West Coast Walk for Life. In Redding, volunteers planted 3,000 crosses, Lifesite reports.

In Denver, 400 people rallied at the state capital.

In St. Augustine, 1,000 gathered to hammer 4,000 crosses into the ground, reports Lifesite.  In Jacksonville, 500 people rallied.

In Atlanta, 5,000 people rallied.

In Chicago, more than 100 people met for Mass and a march.

In Lexington,100 people gathered for the third annual Vigil for Life, reports Lifesite. 

In Augusta, 300 protesters formed a ring around the state capitol.

In Ann Arbor, 500 people attended a pro-life summit. In Lansing, 200-300 rallied at the state capital. 57 events were held in the state; at least 12 buses were sent to the march in D.C.

In Billings, 200 rallied, reports Lifesite.

In Raleigh, a rally drew 1,000.

In Cleveland, 200 attended the city’s first March for Life.

In Portland, 7,000 gathered for a rally.

In Nashville, 1,200 people attended the Rally for Life.

In Dallas, 5,000 rallied, according to The Dallas Morning News. In Austin, 2,500 people rallied for life.

Numbers provided to the Register by rally
organizers, except where noted.

— Tom Hoopes, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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