Cardinal George: The Myth and Reality of 'I'll Die in My Bed'

What Cardinal Francis George Really Said

04/17/2015 Comments (48)
Darren Leow

– Darren Leow

(Editor's note: This blog entry originally appeaed on Oct. 24, 2012):

At long last, the Archdiocese of Chicago's Cardinal Francis George has definitively affirmed what exactly he said in relation to the much-quoted statement about him dying in his bed, and his successors dying imprisoned and martyred.

I first heard the quote used by a Catholic speaker sometime in 2010. If you're a Catholic reader or conference attendee, you've no doubt heard it as well. It's taken on rather mythic proportions... so much so, that I suspected that it might not be factual. The quote has even made its way into the Cardinal's Wikipedia entry.

Over the years I've heard numerous commentators and speakers and...READ MORE

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Eight Reasons to See 'Gimme Shelter'

01/31/2014 Comments (11)
Facebook/Gimme Shelter

Kathy DiFiore (l), founder of Several Sources Shelters and 'Gimme Shelter' star Vanessa Hudgens.

– Facebook/Gimme Shelter

Early in my career with the Register, I interviewed Kathy DiFiore about her work founding the Several Sources Shelters, maternity homes for pregnant teenagers. Little did DiFiore realize, then, that her work would inspire a future Hollywood film.

That film, Gimme Shelter, from Roadside Attractions, opened in theaters last week. It tells the story of Agnes “Apple” Bailey (the almost unrecognizable Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical), a pregnant teen from an abusive home who finds herself homeless and alone.

Here are my eight reasons to see the movie before it leaves theaters.


  1. It’s a true story.

Given the other options available in theaters right now — and there aren’t...READ MORE

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Register Radio: Are Pro-Lifers Winning? & Favorite Films of 2012

Moral theologian Dr. Pia de Solenni & Register film critic Steven Greydanus

01/11/2013 Comments (7)

Today on Register Radio, moral theologian and cultural analyst Dr. Pia de Solenni tackled Time magazine's pronouncement that the pro-life movement is winning.

De Solenni disagreed with the magazine's assertion.

“I don’t think we’re winning,” said de Solenni. “”We’re doing a lot of good work and there’s been great state legislation passed, but a pro-abortion President won re-election. Planned Parenthood received $542 million in taxpayer funding, and there were more than 1 million abortions last year.”

De Solenni went on to describe where she sees three areas of success in the pro-life movement: state legislation, pregnancy help centers, and ministry and prayer efforts, such as 40...READ MORE

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A Death in the Family - The Difficulty of Saying Goodbye

My Final Register Blog Post

01/09/2013 Comments (36)

Saying goodbye to anything we love is difficult, painful and causes grief. Life, though, is like that. It's one long series of encounters and goodbyes. After 13 years, this is my Register "goodbye."

I entered Catholic journalism after writing for the secular world. A friend told me, "Getting into Catholic journalism is more difficult than getting into Hollywood." It was.

It was a comment by a priest to this then-newly-minted Catholic that inspired me to pursue writing about the sacred. He made me think about writing in a completely new way.

"Catholic writing is like missionary work," he said. "You may never get to travel to distant places, but you never know who might pick up your...READ MORE

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Register Radio: Spiritual Direction and G.K. Chesterton

Authors Dan Burke & Dale Ahlquist

12/20/2012 Comments (1)

Just in time for Christmas, Friday's Register Radio focuses on two new books – both by Catholic converts – that would make great gifts for someone in your life. In our first half, National Catholic Register executive director Dan Burke spoke about his new book, “Navigating the Interior Life: Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God.”

Burke said that before he entered the Church, he was drawn to the mystical and ascetical tradition of the Church, and once in it, he longed for a way to navigate Catholic spirituality effectively.

“It was overwhelming,” admitted Burke. “There were all these new religious movements and orders with different ways to deepen your relationship with Christ. I...READ MORE

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Catholic Convert Judge Robert Bork Dies

12/19/2012 Comments (16)

Judge Robert Bork, former circuit judge, U.S. solicitor general and 1987 Supreme Court judicial nominee, has passed on to eternal life. May God welcome him and grant him peace and rest. I was blessed to interview Judge Bork in July 2003, just after his conversion to the Catholic faith on July 21 at the age of 76.

Here's what he told me at the time of his conversion.

Was faith important to your family growing up? In which denomination did you grow up?

Up until age 17, I was in Pittsburgh. I have no siblings. My mother was a schoolteacher up until she got married because at that time you couldn’t be married and teach. My father was in charge of purchasing for one area of a large...READ MORE

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Finding Light in a World of Darkness

12/17/2012 Comment

"The Nativity" by Gerritt van Honthorst

We’ve struggled over the past four days to somehow make sense out of the senseless. How dark our world has become. How do we cope with such unspeakable tragedy? Those of us who are parents wonder how to talk to our children about the evil, the pain and the ever-present suffering all too readily found in our world.

The only consolation I continue to fall back upon is that it is Advent.

For many, Advent has completely lost its meaning. For too many, it’s become the shopping and the music and the eating and the parties before the party. An executive with a recording label recently told me that when they approached a music distributor about recording and selling an Advent CD, the response...READ MORE

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The Infancy Narratives and The Hobbit

Ignatius Press' Mark Brumley & Professor Joseph Pearce

12/14/2012 Comments (1)

Today on Register Radio, Ignatius Press’ president and CEO, Mark Brumley, spoke about Pope Benedict XVI’s third and final installment on the life of Jesus – “Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives,” and the resulting media distortion of the book.

“As with the two previous books, this book is aimed at bringing the reader into a closer relationship with Jesus,” said Brumley. “The Pope writes in the forward that he hopes that ‘this short book will help many people toward and alongside Jesus.’”

Brumley pointed to three areas where the media has distorted the Pope’s message: the birthplace of Christ, the angel’s appearance to the shepherds, and the date of Jesus’ birth.

“In some...READ MORE

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