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Man of Steel: dueling opinions! The Purge! Much Ado! More!

06/14/2013 Comments (9)

Are you watching the new season of Reel Faith? David and I have very different takes on Man of Steel — as you can see from our 60-second reviews below — and on tonight’s episode (8pm EDT) you can hear our debate on the film, as well as our less contentious discussion of The Purge and Joss Whedon’s Much Ado about Nothing. (By the way, you can also read my full review of Man of Steel right here at

Incidentally, this evening I’ll be on Catholic radio from sometime during the last hour of “Kresta in the Afternoon” (5pm EDT) through the first hour of “Catholic Answers Live” (6pm EDT), discussing the latest movies and much more. Listen in!

Man of Steel (DD)

Man of Steel (SDG)

The Purge (DD)

Much Ado About Nothing (SDG)

Now You See Me (SDG)

The Internship (DD)

After Earth (SDG)

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