Frustrated by the Media Snub of Louisiana Flooding? Here's What To Do.

08/17/2016 Comments (7)

Yesterday, both CNN and Fox News got taken to task by angry people on social media. Both news outlets mentioned the devastating Louisiana floods -- but only in the context of how they affected celebrities. CNN reported, among headlines about Trump and the Olympics and someone's bathing suit, "Actor loses home in Baton Rouge flooding" and Fox said mentioned "Former 'Wire' actor Wendell Pierce loses Baton Rouge home in flood."  (The trending headlines have since been updated, but the screenshots can be found here.)

That was the entire flood reporting in the list of trending headlines of those news outlets yesterday, despite the fact that at least eleven non-famous people are dead, and 40,000...READ MORE

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10 Last Hurrahs Before Summer Is Over

08/10/2016 Comments (5)

(Photo credit: “AngMoKio”, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons)

1. Watch the Perseids meteor shower. Thursday and Friday night! I'm so grateful that this meteor shower comes right when we're feeling a little blue about the end of summer. It's supposed to be a spectacular show this year, too. Lay out some blankets in the yard (or on the roof, or on the trampoline, or on the hood of the car), turn off all the house lights, forsake all screens, and just relax. They're all over the sky, and if it's not cloudy, you'll see tons. We're passing through a cloud of debris from a comet! Don't miss it!

2. Visit something local and neglected -- that thing you always pass by on your way to something else awesome and amazing in the next town or next state. It's...READ MORE

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Before and After: A Fairytale

07/27/2016 Comments (11)

Honoré Daumier (1808-1879), “1830 et 1833”

Lots of my friends are selling "wellness" products -- shakes and powders, juices, creams and wraps meant to tighten your tummy, brighten your baggy eyes, and generally turn you into a startlingly more magnificent version of your current schlubby self. Before and after pictures illustrate the progress you can make: She used to look like this (awwwwww), but now she looks like THIS (oooooooh!).

Pictures never lie, right?

Ha. Sure they do. A few years ago, this amazing piece ran in the Huffington post: Personal trainer Andrew Dixon demonstrates how to produce inspiring "before and after" photos . . . on the very same day.

He says:

About six months ago I was around 185 pounds and about 16...READ MORE

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Totus Tuus Camp: Gotta Catch 'Em All!

07/20/2016 Comments (6)

Hey, parents: Kids need to learn about the Faith from other people besides you. Isn't that awful? It doesn't matter how well you teach, preach, and model Catholicism. You are the parents, and this is the house that you live in together, and because these things are so, you will eventually hit a wall when transmitting the Faith to your kids. You need other Catholics to teach them the things they need to know. 

It's a fact, but one that stymies parents who don't have the option to send kids to Catholic school, who haven't found a consistent Catholic community to pal around with, and who don't come into regular, casual contact with priests and nuns. 

Because of this situation, I leaped at...READ MORE

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The Conscience Protection Act Safeguards Basic Liberties

07/13/2016 Comments (5)

Here's your easy, possibly even effective civil reponsiblity for the day: Ask your reps to pass HR 4828, the Conscience Protection Act. This bill

amends the Public Health Service Act to codify the prohibition against the federal government and state and local governments that receive federal financial assistance for health-related activities penalizing or discriminating against a health care provider based on the provider's refusal to be involved in, or provide coverage for, abortion. Health care providers include health care professionals, health care facilities, social services providers, health care professional training programs, and health insurers.

In other words, it would tell...READ MORE

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How to Help Young Siblings Grow Up to Become Lifelong Friends

07/06/2016 Comments (7)

Albert Anker, “Schreibender Knabe mit Schwesterchen” (1875)

Almost half of my ten children are now teenagers. Fewer and fewer of our concerns are about the present, and more and more are about the future. We want our kids to stay close to the Church; we want them to be physically and mentally healthy; we want them to find their true vocations; and we want them to have nine good friends -- that is, each other.

What can we do, while our kids are young, to make this happen?

Well, there is no such thing as a foolproof way to make your children do or be anything. Kids have free will, and they will exercise it. Kids who are raised in the exact same conditions have a variety of temperaments, personalities, and mental fitness, and they will act on them....READ MORE

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Have You Met the Real Ratzinger?

06/29/2016 Comments (9)

(Photo credit: “Kancelaria Prezydenta RP”, GFDL 1.2, via Wikimedia Commons)

Today is the 65th anniversary of the ordination of Josef Ratzinger -- a happy day for the entire world, as we thank God we were given such a great and good man to serve us as priest and papa.

You'll recall that, according to the mass media, Benedict XVI was a cold and creaky Emperor Palpatine who grinned with black gums as he brought his cruel fist crashing down on life, liberty, and the pursuit of sexy fun. They really believed it, too, because they are morons.

But you're not a moron! Do yourself a favor and read something the man actually wrote, like the three volumes of Jesus of Nazareth. These make excellent reading in adoration, and will bring you closer to Christ. What more could...READ MORE

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Draft women? Let's Abolish the Draft

06/22/2016 Comments (34)

(Photo credit: U.S. Air Force illustration/Senior Airman Micaiah Anthony/Released)

Yesterday, the Senate voted to extend the draft to women who turn 18 during or after 2018. Obama has promised to veto such a bill, but there is probably enough support in congress to override a veto. 

This development was inevitable. Once women were allowed to serve in combat positions, there's no logical reason to say that they shouldn't be subject to the draft.

I opposed allowing women to serve in combat positions. I hold the monstrously retrograde opinion that women are different from men. Women can fight, and many women are stronger and more agile than many men; but, as C. S. Lewis says in The Last Battle, "Wars are ugly when women fight."  Wars are uglier still, and so is the home...READ MORE

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