Taste and See: A Book with Way More than a Catchy Title

Ginny Kubitz Moyer explores how Catholicism is a faith of sense(s)

10/02/2016 Comment

One of the things I most appreciate about my Catholic faith is that it brings together so many different aspects of life.

There’s the fact that I find God in every aspect of my life. There’s the experience of smelling and hearing and tasting at Mass. There’s the tie-ins, all around me, to Divine Providence.

I just love that Ginny Kubitz Moyer, an award-winning author and mom from the California’s Bay Area, is able to recognize this and tease it out into a book that’s a delight to read.

She writes:

God speaks to me not in mystical, abstract ways but through the stuff of daily life. And like any expert communicator, God speaks to me using the language I know best—the language of the five...READ MORE

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Beautiful Mercy: Truly a Great Year of Mercy Read

This book is one of the best I've seen on the subject of mercy. Ever.

09/25/2016 Comment

I knew Beautiful Mercy would be a quick read.

I mean, that’s practically a given when you have a book published by Dynamic Catholic.

I salute Kelly for his work: in the last few years, he has made books available to Catholics who need to learn more about their faith and might not know where to turn…people who may be intimidated by the doorstop size of the Catechism and face a slew of objections for seeking answers in other ways.

Kelly has made Catholicism accessible, it’s true.

But…and I say this as a total jerk and a big fat nerd…his books have never really been my thing. Oh, I read the first couple he released and I spent a chunk of time doing a project where I listened to nearly all...READ MORE

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Little Sins Mean a Lot: A Book You’ll Dog-Ear and Appreciate

08/31/2016 Comment

A few nonfiction titles slipped into my summer reading, and they fit as well as the novels. One, in particular, slapped me upside the head like the proverbial two-by-four.

Little Sins Mean a Lot: Kicking Our Bad Habits Before They Kick Us (2016, Our Sunday Visitor) is the second book I’ve read by Elizabeth Scalia, and it was no less mind-shattering for me than the first (Strange Gods, Ave Maria Press).

On an intellectual level, I understand that sin is bad. I get that I’m mired in it and that I should work to get out.

But what about the sins that aren’t a big deal?

How many of us don’t bother with Confession because, hey, we haven’t killed anyone? (My hand’s in the air.)

This book,...READ MORE

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Recent Reading: “The Perfect Blindside”, “Iota”, and “Lord of the Worl

08/23/2016 Comment

Reading fiction is a particular passion of mine, and I've come to appreciate what a dear friend told me long ago about his own reading habits. He shared that he alternated the novels he read with nonfiction. "Otherwise," he said, "I would never read anything else."

I completely agree.

There's something about telling a story well in a world of your own construct. The same is true for nonfiction, I know, but I remain rooted in my love of fiction.

So it's with joy that I can admit to having finished three decent novels recently, all of them published by Catholic publishers. That doesn't, though, make them any less than their secular counterparts (I have a house full of avid readers, and we...READ MORE

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The Power of Prayer: “Pray More Novenas” and John-Paul and Annie Deddens

07/22/2015 Comments (5)

In 2011, I joined a few thousand or so other people and signed up for a newish service that, I thought, might be handy.

The idea behind it was to get email reminders for novenas as you prayed them in a virtual community. It was pretty straightforward.

In the four years since, Pray More Novenas, run by husband-and-wife team John-Paul and Annie Deddens, has turned into one of the best prayer efforts I make. It also serves almost 200,000 people around the world.

Asked how this effort started, John-Paul Deddens shares:

“My wife and I had recently started dating and she asked me to pray the Immaculate Conception novena with her. Several of her friends at the Newman Center were planning to...READ MORE

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The Land of Stories: An Enchanting Series I'm Enjoying with My Daughter

07/18/2015 Comments (3)

This summer, my ten-year-old has reached a milestone: she's finally finishing books. Instead of starting one, and then another, and then another, until a pile of 20 is beside her bed and a different pile of 10 is scattered around the house, she's starting and finishing books.

Which means she's adding to my reading pile at an alarming (and delightful) rate.

When she first introduced me to The Land of Stories: A Wishing Spell, I thought it looked cute, maybe even good. The concept sounded good, but I have a streak of cynical that can't even be cured by great covers or New York Times bestseller status.

The premise of the first book: twins Alex and Connor are given a favorite old fairy tale...READ MORE

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Echo: An App to Help You Pray (No, Really)

07/15/2015 Comments (1)

On the one hand, I'm always eager to find ways to integrate my prayer life into everything, and technology that helps me do that gets my attention. 

On the other hand, I'm distracted enough by the many screens in my life. Can't my prayer life be hard copy? Do I really need another app? In the case of the the Echo prayer app, yes. Loudly, eagerly, emphatically, yes.

I discovered it thanks to a friend who referenced it offhandedly, as in, "You could use an app like Echo to help you keep track of your prayers." It was so casual, and not even hyperlinked, that were I not always, always, on the lookout for apps, I would have missed it. 

That was about a week ago. Has this app changed my life?...READ MORE

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Gathering Around the Table with the Catholic Foodie's New Book

07/11/2015 Comments (1)

Years ago, I heard a reference to a podcast that sounded like it would be interesting, if irrelevant to me. The friend recommending it, herself an avid cook, thought the idea of food meeting faith was both novel and applicable. I quite agreed.

I do not, however, really like to cook. And while I like to eat, I couldn't imagine that spending the time listening to a cook talking would be very interesting, however Catholic they may be.

I kept hearing about this Catholic Foodie guy, though, and he seemed pretty interesting. He seemed like someone I would like, even if *I* don't like to cook. Out of curiosity, I finally tuned in.

Now, close to six years since I listened to my first episode,...READ MORE

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