In the game of golf, there is something called laying up. It refers to a tactical decision by the golfer not to take a risky shot that would, if successful, get him closer to the hole. Instead, he chooses to hit a shorter shot, away from the hazard in the hope of avoiding a costly mistake. Choosing to lose the battle in hopes of winning the war.

For those of you who enjoy golf, you know that laying up is sometimes the right thing to do, the prudent thing to do. It is a sign of maturity and earned wisdom.

And sometimes it simply means that you are a complete wimp.

Like golfers facing a water hazard while playing into a headwind, Republicans fear a government shutdown. For the last month, Congressional Republicans have been laying up.

Memory is a funny thing. Republicans remember it like yesterday. The voting public blamed Republicans for shutting down the government in 1995, and they live in fear of history repeating itself. It’s an odd thing that they can remember why the public rejected them in 1995, but they cannot seem to remember why they were sent to Washington just four months ago.

But things are different now. I am different now.

I, a pro-life conservative Catholic, and others like me helped send them to Washington for three reasons. To de-fund Planned Parenthood, to get government spending under control, and to cut Obamacare off at the knees by de-funding it for the next two years until possible repeal. By continually laying up, the Republicans are putting themselves in a position to deliver none of it.

No doubt, shutting down the government is a serious step and should not be taken lightly. After 1995, I can almost buy the idea of voting for the first continuing resolution even though it did nothing to accomplish any of the stated goals. I reluctantly accepted it as a tactic, a juke to the left before we run right. But in the subsequent 2 weeks, Republicans have done nothing to strengthen their negotiating position, in fact they have likely weakened it considerably.

Now Republicans in the House have voted for another continuing resolution to fund the government for 3 more weeks. To fund Planned Parenthood for 3 more weeks. To spend money we don’t have for 3 more weeks. To fund Obamacare for 3 more weeks.

Like I said, a tactic is a juke to the left when you intend to run right, but if you continue to run to the left it’s no longer a tactic—it’s a direction.

Republicans need to man up and do what we sent them there to do, and if that means shutting the government down. Then SHUT IT DOWN.

As long as the Democrats believe that the Republicans will not shut down the government, they are in the driver’s seat.

So let’s talk about tactics. Obama has threatened to veto the budget if it de-funds Planned Parenthood. Make him. Make him be the man willing to shut down the government to fund his cronies and contributors in Big Abortion. Make him do it.

Republicans have already shown that they are not that serious about spending, arguing over whether to cut spending by $40 billion or $60 billion dollars in this fiscal year when February’s deficit alone was $234 Billion. So trade.

Try to cut the budget by $300 billion. The Democrats will scream. Then compromise. Offer to cut spending by $200 billion or $150 billion or even your wimpy little $60 billion, but Planned Parenthood goes. Make them choose between cuts to their favorite programs and pork, or fund Planned Parenthood. Make them choose. Negotiate from strength.

Let me be very clear here Republicans, whether you cut the budget by $60 billion or $600 billion, we will still be with you. We want more, not less, of course, but we will take whatever cutting we can now and push for more later.

But there has never been a better moment to de-fund Planned Parenthood than now. Now is the time, and it may never come again. If you compromise on de-funding Planned Parenthood, if you continue to allow babies to suffer federally funded death, we are done.


Make Obama and the Democrats choose, Planned Parenthood or shutdown. No compromise. No surrender.

Don’t blink. Don’t waver. If they choose shutdown, then they choose shutdown.

Shut it down or we will shut you down.