Canada Celebrates John Paul II Day

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Here in Canada, this April 2, we will be celebrating John Paul II Day. I don’t just mean the Catholic Church in Canada will be honoring him — I mean that the Canadian government has signed into law a bill declaring, “Throughout Canada, in each and every year, the second day of April is to be known as ‘Pope John Paul II Day.’”

The Ontario Legislature has also passed a similar bill. Both my provincial and my federal government have decided that we’re all going to celebrate the life and achievements of the recently canonized pope, who died 10 years ago on April 2.

The bill received overwhelming support in both legislatures — basically, the New Democrats were the only people who really voted...READ MORE

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Criminalizing the Buying of Sex in Canada

07/23/2014 Comment

A street prostitute talking to a potential customer in Torino, Italy.

– Wikipedia

Many political conservatives in the United States are accustomed to looking at Canada as a hotbed of liberalism, where the consequences of the sexual revolution have progressed further than they have at home. So it’s nice to be able to write about something that Canada is doing right.

Bill C-36, the Conservative government’s proposed prostitution bill, is currently being fast-tracked through Canada’s legislative system following a decision by the Canadian Supreme Court to strike down the existing prostitution laws late last winter. The existing laws were challenged on the basis that they endangered prostitutes in order to advance a Victorian agenda of social decency.

Prostitution has...READ MORE

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