I figure if we Catholics are going to take the Digital Continent of new media by storm, we need to make sure we’ve read up on all of what the Church has to say about it. So, I’m compiling a list of any Church document, letter, homily or formal resource having to do with how to use new media.

I need your help. Let me know what I’m missing and I will add it in to make sure we have a fairly comprehensive, but still practical, resource list. Just leave any suggestions for consideration in the comment section below.

Here’s what I have so far:

The Priest and Pastoral Ministry in a Digital World - New Media at the Service of the Word (44th WCD, 2010)

Ethics in Internet - Pontifical Council for Social Communications

New Technologies, New Relationships - Promoting a Culture of Respect, Dialogue and Friendship (43rd WCD, 2009)

The Media: At the Crossroads between Self-Promotion and Service - Searching for the Truth in order to Share it with Others (42nd WCD, 2008)

The Church and the Internet - Pontifical Council for Social Communications

The Media: A Network for Communication, Communion and Cooperation - (40th WCD, 2006)

Internet: A New Forum for Proclaiming the Gospel - (36th WCD, 2002)

The Christian Message in a Computer Culture - (24th WCD, 1990)

Social Communication: Instruments of Encounter Between Faith and Culture - (18th WCD, 1984)

Inter Mirifica - Decree on the media of social communications (Pope Paul VI, 1963)

Pope Benedict XVI addresses Pontifical Council for Social Communications - Oct 2009

You Will Be My Witnesses - by Archbishop Gomez

Here are links to all of the World Communication Day Messages from past popes. Interesting to peruse through them and see how many of the timeless issues addressed still apply to the present day:

Pope Benedict XVI
Pope John Paul II
Pope Paul VI

Does anyone know of any other especially good letters, addresses, speeches, articles worth including here? Please share below so I can include them (I can link back to your website as the contributor if your suggestion gets included).

Now please excuse me as I’ve got a lot of new reading and re-reading to do.