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3 Words That Drive "Progressive" Catholics Crazy

01/25/2010 Comments (197)

I’ve been running a Catholic blog for a few years now and have inadvertently come across certain words and phrases that just drive self described “progressive” Catholics crazy. Tweeters have been doing this a while concerning politics but I thought we could have some fun here coming up with 3 word phrases that just unhinge “progressive” Catholics. Take a look at my suggestions and then I encourage you to add your own in the combox.

1) Traditional Anglican Communion
2) The Catechism states…
3) Abortion is murder
4) Communion on Tongue
5) Scott Hahn said…
6) “Caritas in Veritate”
7) Archbishop Raymond Burke
8) Latin Mass Society
9)Ineffable. Ineffable. Ineffable.
10)Three letters C. D. F.
11) For the many
12) An Apostolic Visitation
13) Hermeneutic of continuity
14) Mary Ann Glendon
15) Mandatory retirement age
Bonus: God Bless America

I’d love to hear your suggestions as well.

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