Cardinal Bertone as Secretary of State. What was his aim?

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On Jan. 28 2012, the Vatican’s Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone met the heads of the Roman Curia congregations and discussed with them a document he had sent them in advance, so that everybody could be aware of the topics and could eventually make his own remarks. It would make sense to read that document once again now, when Cardinal Bertone is preparing to step down and his post is going to be taken over by Archbishop Pietro Parolin on Oct. 15.

The 14-page document is full of clarifications on the basis of Church law and good practices. Sometimes the points could be seen as trivialities. But they were not. In that document, Cardinal Bertone underlined the need to...READ MORE

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Is Pope Francis’ Pontificate a continuation of Benedict’s?

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Pope Francis and Pope Benedict embraced like brothers and prayed in the same pew when they met March 23 at Castel Gandolfo. Both were wearing white cassocks, but the white slash and the cape donned over the vest distinguished Pope Francis’ role as ruling Pope.

That day, they spoke alone for 45 minutes in the library of the papal villa. The image of the two white-dressed pontiffs praying together marked in some ways the handover from Pope Benedict to Pope Francis. Yet, as this historic moment of having a Pope and a Pope Emeritus begins to unfold, naturally the question arises: Is Pope Francis’ pontificate a continuation of Benedict’s?

Pope Francis has already often referred to Benedict...READ MORE

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Ecumenical Spring With the Russian Orthodox Church?

News Analysis

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The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, attended Pope Francis’ inaugural Mass March 19, marking the first time the patriarch has attended such an event since the Great Schism in 1054. Many see this gesture as an important sign for Christian unity.

Some attribute the patriarch’s attendance to Pope Francis’ emphasis on being the “bishop of Rome,” noting that only once has he used the word “pope” since the beginning of his pontificate, while reading a prepared text at the meeting with cardinals on March 15.

But, in fact, a new season of ecumenical relationships could have begun with Benedict XVI’s resignation. The patriarchate of Constantinople has made the first move,...READ MORE

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