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Christine Rousselle/CNA
Associates of Supreme Court nominee say he is a sincere Catholic who is committed to living the tenets of the Church.
Doreen Abi Raad
For the fifth consecutive year, faithful in the region have been consecrated to the Mother of God.
Maria Caulfield
The volatile leader again backtracks after his caustic tongue lands him in trouble.
Culture of Life
Celeste Behe
A look at the impact the amazing athletes have had and continue to have.
A car carrying the bishop of Esteli was attacked, and pro-government forces killed two students in a parish church.
Catholic News Agency
On Saturday, the Holy Father presided at a marriage Mass being held at a small chapel in the Vatican Gardens.
Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Holy See observer to the U.N., spoke July 13 at concluding session of intergovernmental negotiations on migration.
Peter Jesserer Smith
The settlement the University of Notre Dame won on behalf of itself and 70 other Catholic institutions could be imperiled.
Celeste McGovern
The teen defied the medical definition of brain death, and her family’s fight to spare her life has fueled other challenges to this complicated medical diagnosis.
Judy Roberts
On the centenary of the late priest’s birth, those who knew him personally offer reflections about his transformational legacy of helping people who experience same-sex attraction.
Edward Pentin
Analysts who spoke with the Register stressed that any reinterpretations must be in full doctrinal continuity with Paul VI’s countercultural message.
Father Roger Landry
COMMENTARY: Rather than being an insurmountable handicap, my priesthood is actually an asset.
Kathy Schiffer
“I intend to stand firm and let the peacocks multiply, for I am sure that, in the end, the last word will be theirs.” — Flannery O’Connor
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