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Father Raymond J. de Souza
COMMENTARY: The pope emeritus’ July 11 message reminded all listeners why Benedict XVI remains without literary peer among Catholic preachers and theologians.
Anto Akkara
Salesian Father Tom Uzhunnalil’s relatives and friends are heartened by last week’s disclosure by Yemen’s deputy prime minister.
Matthew E. Bunson
The Princeton professor, a leading voice for civil discourse, discusses the polarized state of America.
Anthony Esolen
COMMENTARY: Part of a Register Symposium
Elise Harris/CNA/EWTN News
On Tuesday, she voiced her commitment to fight human trafficking and promote human rights and religious freedom.
Archbishop Charles J. Chaput
COMMENTARY in response to La Civiltà Cattolica
Matt Hadro/CNA/EWTN News
Recent article is seriously flawed in its presentation of religion in public life, U.S. experts said.
In Person
Judy Roberts
Daniel Mattson, author of Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay, tells the Register how he found freedom, peace and joy by living according to Church teaching.
Christopher Carstens
COMMENTARY: It’s the faithful, not the rubrics, which determine the fruitfulness of a liturgy, extraordinary or otherwise.
Anto Akkara
Joseph Pronechen
History lesson for the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
Stephen Beale
How some Catholic colleges resisted the secularization of the ’60s.
The Editors
EDITORIAL: With no time to lose, Catholics should press their representatives in the Senate to take up the bill. Further, the U.S. bishops can do more to raise awareness.