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By Ed Condon/CNA/EWTN News
In a letter sent this week to the priests and deacons of the archdiocese, Auxiliary Bishop Timothy Senior said that the allegations concerned actions by a former student against another during the 2010-11 academic year.
Numerous prelates have called for renewal in the face of current crisis.
Robert Brennan
“You know that he is the Good Shepherd. You know who he is, and you know his voice. ... You know how he withstands the marauding wolves, and is ever ready to rescue his sheep.” —Pope St. John Paul II
Burke has been until now executive director of EWTN’s National Catholic Register.
The prelate was interviewed about the latest scandals on Raymond Arroyo’s The World Over Aug. 16 on EWTN.
Michele Chabin
The law codifies that Israel is the national state and homeland of the Jewish people and that only Jewish Israelis have a right to self-determination in the country.
J.D. Flynn/CNA
ANALYSIS: Anyone who finds it difficult to understand the anger and resentment of Catholics toward their bishops in recent weeks need look no further than a 2011 story involving the bishop of Allentown.
The Editors
"Victims should know that the Pope is on their side. Those who have suffered are his priority, and the Church wants to listen to them to root out this tragic horror that destroys the lives of the innocent."
Courtney Grogan/CNA
The bishops will invite the Vatican to conduct an official Apostolic Visitation to the United States to address questions surrounding Archbishop McCarrick, in consultation with the lay members of the National Review Board.
Courtney Grogan/Catholic News Agency
Father Thomas Berg, author of Hurting in the Church, spoke about the challenges Catholics face amid the Church’s scandals.
Father Roger J. Landry
COMMENTARY: Now is the time to cooperate — and cooperate fully — with God’s cleansing fire for his Church.
Daniel Burke
“We are not baptized into the hierarchy; do not receive the cardinals sacramentally; will not spend an eternity in the beatific vision of the pope. Christ is the point.” —Frank Sheed