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The Senate vote was 70-23.
Hannah Brockhaus/CNA/EWTN News
The new saints are an example of the daily habit of choosing to love God, Francis said Oct. 15. He also announced an October 2019 meeting.
K.V. Turley
The Soviet Union was built on lies and brutality. They had no answer when confronted with Janina Jandulska’s truth and goodness.
A truck packed with explosives exploded in front of a hotel in Mogadishu Oct. 14, killing at least 300 people. Many more were wounded.
Theresa Doyle-Nelson
On Oct. 16, we can celebrate that the heart of one particular Roman soldier was transformed.
Culture of Life
Joseph Pronechen
How saint-started devotion has impacted the world.
Edward Pentin
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán opens conference by calling on nations, particularly in Europe, to cast aside political correctness, stand up against Christian persecution, and defend the roots of Christian civilization.
Gerald J. Russello
BOOK PICK: The Devil’s Pleasure Palace
John M. Grondelski
BOOK PICK: Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay
Peter Jesserer Smith
The event originated with Georgetown faculty and received the public backing of the president’s office.
Nicholas Wolfram Smith (and Joseph Pronechen)
More than two dozen dioceses will have consecrated themselves to Mary by the end of the year.
Matthew Bunson
A quarter century ago, Pope St. John Paul II issued the first universal catechism since Trent.
Filip Mazurczak
The faithful gathered around the country’s 2,000 miles of borders in Marian solidarity.
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