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Jimmy Akin
Is Pope Francis likely to approve a change in the Italian translation of the Lord’s Prayer? What’s the real story, and what does it mean for us?
Joan Frawley Desmond
The veteran Catholic lawyer’s résumé of government service includes a previous two-year stint as U.S. attorney general.
Ed Condon/CNA
The guidance applies only to the Church of England and not to other branches of the worldwide Anglican Communion.
Edward Pentin
The issue has so far been avoided by those preparing for the event, but now is highlighted in the wake of Francis’ recent forceful remarks about the problem.
Peter Jesserer Smith
The Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief and Accountability Act is hailed as a vital piece in keeping the Christian presence alive in ancestral homelands.
Jim Graves
Benedictine College’s Ravens rely on Marian intercession.
Courtney Grogan/CNA
The Holy Father will travel to Bulgaria and Macedonia May 5-7, 2019, with a stop in the saint’s hometown of Skopje.
Steven D. Greydanus
Here, at last, is the Spidey that family audiences need and the Spidey they deserve — and that’s just two of them!
Hannah Brockhaus/CNA/EWTN News
The Pope sent letters to Cardinals George Pell, Francisco Javier Errazuriz and Laurent Monsengwo at the end of October to thank them for their service.
Father Roger J. Landry
COMMENTARY: The Pope has spoken out against the double lives of priest and religious since his days as archbishop of Buenos Aires.
Father Raymond J. de Souza
COMMENTARY: A generous gesture in 2001 tells a tale of the importance of faith, family and friendship to the late president, who died Nov. 30 at the age of 94.
Claire Dwyer
New resources for the second half of the season.
Joseph Pronechen
How a nutcracker display, chocolate shop and big-city Nativity scene evoke the true meaning.