In the last few months, I’ve had two great books cross my desk, and I’d be remiss not to rave about them here.

The first, Catholic Dad: Mostly Funny Stories of Faith, Family, and Fatherhood to Encourage and Inspire, by Jake Frost, is utterly delightful from start to finish. You have the option of reading it in a “pick and choose” sort of way, diving in where you want, because the essays are all stand-alone.

I read it the way I read most things: cover to cover. I walked away from it with a clear picture of just who Jake Frost is and just how he got to be that way. He’s the kind of guy I want my son to grow up to be: proud of his Catholicness, laughing about the foibles of life, and appreciating the blessings all around him.

His essays are a glimpse at life from “the other side” (or is it just that I read more women than men?). What makes a dad tick? Well, I still don’t know, but I know that I’m even more fascinated and intrigued by the wisdom that comes from these Catholic dad types.

This is a book not to miss and one you’ll share, whether you’re a mom peeking in or a dad looking for inspiration.

The second is by Catholic momstar Danielle Bean, who wins the “most original title for a book” award with Momnipotent: The Not-So Perfect Woman’s Guide to Catholic Motherhood. It’s just what moms need: the straight-talking smile-wearing, common-sense-toting wisdom that Bean shares whenever she opens her mouth or writes a book. 

Maybe you’ve heard everything in this book already. But have you heard it lately? Have you believed it? And hey, what about everyone who hasn’t heard it?

Bean comes right through the page with her no-nonsense why-yes-I-will-wear-cute-heels-and-pass-you-an-energy-drink way of doing business. Theology of the Body for moms? Is that even a thing? It is now, and I can think of no better person to be behind it. Reading this book was a pure treat, and it’s one I’ll be sharing with all the moms I know.