Victim Assistance Coordinator - Part Time

Consecrated Women, Inc.

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 The Victim Assistance Coordinator will represent the Society of Apostolic Life Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi when a person comes forward with an allegation of misconduct and/or abuse of a minor against a Consecrated Woman. 

 The primary role of the Victim Assistance Coordinator is to accompany survivors throughout the Society’s response to reports and allegations of misconduct and abuse. The Victim Assistance Coordinator is qualified to work with survivors of abuse, either through their education, training, and/or experience.

 The Victim Assistance Coordinator is a layperson who maintains a professional relationship with the survivor and/or family and does not act in an official capacity as his or her therapist, attorney, or spiritual director. 

 Essential Functions:

 1. To listen with respect to the alleged survivor and/or family.

 2. To accompany the alleged survivor, show empathy, and always make them feel supported.

 3. To explain to the alleged survivor, in written and verbal form, the Society's response to the allegations raised.

 4. To offer support and professional resources, as well as pastoral care to the survivor, the survivor’s family, and other affected persons, assisting with referrals to therapists and/or support groups.

 5. To offer to be present during meetings between the survivor and/or family and the Society, including the Territorial Director or other representatives of the Society.

 6. To coordinate all communications between the survivor and/or family and the Society, keeping all parties apprised of developments and progress in the case.

 7. To help maintain documentation that shows the actions the Society takes in response to each report or allegation of sexual abuse.

 8. To advocate on the survivor’s behalf regarding case resolutions and/or system and organizational improvements as necessary.

 9. To collaborate with the safe environment coordinator to develop and facilitate education and training for the organization’s members as appropriate.


  Education: Master’s degree in social work or an equivalent degree in counseling or psychology. Specialization in trauma. 

  Experience: Working with children, youth, families, and adults who have experienced abuse and are looking for advocacy.


 Location: Remote, but our national headquarters are in Cumming, GA. Flexibility to be available occasionally on evenings and weekends when necessary.

 With Victim Assistance Coordinator – Consecrated Women in the subject line, interested qualified individuals must include: (a) a meaningful cover letter; (b) wage expectations; and (c) resume 

 For a complete job description including education/or experience requirements, and quoalifications, please go to 

 Any questions may be addressed to Scott Madgey, Assistant Director of Operations, CCAS at [email protected]