General Manager

Guadalupe Radio Network - Birmingham, AL

 Online Job Posting 

 Guadalupe Radio Network Southeast US Market has an opening for a General Manager. The Southeast Market operates 11 Catholic radio stations in Alabama and Florida. The central offices are located in Birmingham, AL.

 This is a wonderful opportunity to join an apostolate dedicated to the highest level of professionalism, competence, ethics and Catholic values. We are dedicated to spreading the knowledge, love, and practice of the Catholic Faith by means of radio.

 If you are an active faithful Catholic and would like to exploring a career with the Guadalupe Radio Network you can submit a Cover Letter of why you want to work for the Guadalupe Radio Network along with your resume to [email protected]. The GRN offers a competitive salary and benefits package includes full coverage of health insurance, dental, vision and life at not cost to the employees.


  • Computer literacy

 • An ability to work to deadlines

 • Public speaking skills

 • Attention to detail

 • Good communications skills

 • Task Oriented

 • Good people skills

 • Organizational skills

 • Goals Focused


 • Marketing - Community Relations - Volunteers

 • Fundraising

 • Programming - PSA's and Advertiser Announcements

 • Station Operations - "On Air" Performance

 • FCC Compliance

 • Process Improvement and Efficiency Recommendations


 Please submit a Cover Letter as to why you would want to work for the Guadalupe Radio Network and your resume to [email protected] or visit our website for further information at