Fully Alive Missionary

Fully Alive Ministries, Across the US

 Join Fully Alive to transform Parishes, Youth Groups, and Newman centers to help create missionaries.

  When a parish is built up in a city it should be able to transform the culture it is in within months or even weeks. The only issue is it is not. Why is that? We have lost our understanding of everyones call to mission and how each person can transform culture and use their gifts. A parish/Newman center should be the home base of the apostolate of the laity - the place where everyone can be made full and then go out to encounter others for Christ. Join us to help make that happen once again!!

  If you have a passion for Bible Studies, movie nights, barbecues, open mic nights, book studies, prayer services, and literally anything! Join us as we help communities become Fully Alive through allowing the Lord to work through us in unique ways and helping others do the same.


 - Single Missionaries: live with other team members and grow as you push one another in the faith and live out mission together.

 - Married Missionaries: live out mission with your spouse and help encourage others couples in the community of the same reality! Help lead others in the faith through formation and events while being joined with the rest of your team!

 The Mission:

 Do you feel the call to mission? Are you ready to change culture and help everyone embrace a life of mission? Join us to form missionaries in communities - for communities. Embrace a life of mission and help others be seen, heard, known, and loved so that they can help others encounter the same thing.

  With Fully Alive invite others into formation groups to pour into one another and create missionaries. Together go out to put on events for the community to encounter and form!

  Your role is to encounter the Lord and help others encounter Him. Essentially all the ministry work without the administration work!


 Our Promise:

 - There will be days you'll be pushed to your limit

 - The world won't understand you and they will tell you that you are crazy

 - You'll be pushed out of your comfort zone constantly

  There is no doubt at times it will be hard - Jesus never said the narrow path was easy, He just that it would be worth it!


 Interested in applying?

 Email [email protected] the following

  Answer these two questions below and email them to [email protected]

 Title it "Fully Alive Application"

  - What is YOUR definition of a missionary?

 - What do YOU think it means to live Fully Alive?

  God bless, I look forward to talking with you soon!