Executive Director of Ministry & Development

CARITAS For Children in USA

 The Priest or Religious Brother filling this position will be an effective communicator in writing, an enthusiastic preacher, and preferably an experienced missionary. If you have a natural and heartfelt charism for human communication, a love for evangelization, and a desire to make a global impact, you will easily help us to grow awareness of our special mission of caritas. 

 Ministry: Through in person and digital evangelization, you will help our existing sponsors to deepen their faith in the Gospel message. You will also have the opportunity to preach at our international locations, lead small groups in pilgrimages, network with Catholic communities of faith, and develop volunteers to help advocate for CARITAS.

 Development: Through written and video messages, you will help grow awareness of our ministry to prospective loving families and Catholic Institutes. As you help our ministry to grow, you will have the opportunity to personally see your efforts creating a tangible difference in the lives of thousands of children worldwide! This will make a lasting difference in their lives, as well as to all those who they, in turn, will touch with their love. 

 Please know that the networks of charity that you will help to create internationally will also have a positive impact on your fellow missionary Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters serving in the missions, the physical structures of the mission territories themselves, and for the communities within these villages for generations to come. This unique position comes with many fabulous opportunities and responsibilities; therefore, we hope to help you to discern if this position is a special call for you from the Holy Spirit. 

  If you believe that this position is indeed one that you feel drawn to, are well suited for, or if you know of someone who would love to embark on this amazing journey with us, please contact us. For more details, please visit: https://caritas.us/careers

 If this opportunity is of interest to you, please send a cover letter, resume and any other documents you wish to share, all in strict confidence. Please attach and email these to Christopher T. Hoar at [email protected]. Thank you for your time and interest.”