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Trump-Clinton Presidential Debates: Round One (719)

ANALYSIS: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tossed plenty of barbs at Monday's televised debate at Hofstra University.

09/27/2016 Comment
ABC News

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton shake hands before Monday's presidential debate.

– ABC News

A record-setting number of viewers tuned in Monday to watch the first presidential debate (the first of three) and saw two candidates come to grips not just with each other but with the perceptions that have formed about them in the public eye.

What they also saw was a debate that was thin on civility and marked by a nasty tone that was enough to make any viewer uncomfortable about how unpleasant the next debates might become.

Trump had a win in the debate at the very least from the standpoint of being on the stage. For several months, the Clinton campaign has painted him as a delusional and dangerous figure too unstable to serve as commander-in-chief. His very presence on the same stage...READ MORE

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400,000 Mexicans March to Defend Marriage — With Pope Francis’ Blessing (253)

Sept. 24 marked the country’s second March for the Family to protest the Mexican government’s attempt to redefine marriage as anything but a union between one man and one woman.

09/27/2016 Comment
Barbara Bustamante / CNA

March for the Family in Mexico on Sept. 24.

– Barbara Bustamante / CNA

MEXICO CITY — Some 400,000 people filled the streets of Mexico City on Saturday to protest the Mexican government’s attempt to redefine marriage as anything but a union between one man and one woman.

Juan Dabdoub Giacoman, president of the Mexican Council of the Family, which helped organize the event, told CNA on Sept. 10 that the march was “historic” and an “example of the awakening of Mexico.”

“It is a march to express to politicians and leaders of the country that this is really what Mexican society is searching for, which is not what gender ideology and the international LGBT movement is promoting.”
After Mass on Sept. 25, Pope Francis voiced his support of the Mexican bishops’...READ MORE

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‘Angel of Dachau’ Is Now a ‘Blessed’ (286)

Father Engelmar Unzeitig, who was interred in the Nazis’ Dachau concentration camp and has been recognized as a martyr, was beatified during a Mass on Saturday.

09/27/2016 Comment
CMM engelmarunzeitig.de

Blessed Engelmar Unzeitig, who was beatified Sept. 24.

– CMM engelmarunzeitig.de

Würzburg, Germany — Father Engelmar Unzeitig, a priest of the Mariannhill Mission society who was interred in the Nazis’ Dachau concentration camp and has been recognized as a martyr, was beatified during a Mass on Saturday.

Bishop Friedhelm Hofmann of Würzburg said during his homily for the Sept. 24 Mass at the city’s cathedral that Father Unzeitig, known as the “Angel of Dachau,” brought the light of God’s goodness to the place where his presence “is least expected.”

Father Unzeitig lived under a “dehumanizing dictatorship,” Bishop Hofmann noted, saying, “We can learn from him not to subject ourselves to a dictatorship, even a dictatorship of opinions.”

The following day, before...READ MORE

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Impact of a Third-Party Vote Unclear in Election (1163)

A prudential perspective is important, in considering whether such votes are ‘wasted’ or might help elect the least desirable major-party candidate.

09/26/2016 Comment
Harry Benson/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Gov. George Wallace of Alabama garnered 13.5% of the popular vote in 1968, leading some to speculate that it gave Republican Richard Nixon the edge over Democrat Vice President Hubert Humphrey in the presidential election.

– Harry Benson/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — Catholic voters who are disenchanted with the two major-party options and are weighing a third-party candidate in the election for president may find themselves dogged by yet another dilemma: Does such a vote merely ensure that the candidate they deplore the most win — or, perhaps worse, is it a “waste” of a vote? 

Chad Pecknold, a theologian at The Catholic University of America, said it’s important for Catholics to focus on voting their conscience. “It is always better to follow the light of conscience that is informed by faith, and so voting for a third party is less about casting a deciding vote and more about doing the right thing,” Pecknold said.

But Colin Donovan, vice...READ MORE

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Building a Better Business Education for Catholics (1122)

COMMENTARY: The idea of business as a noble vocation has both a practical and spiritual understanding.

09/26/2016 Comments (1)
CUA Business Facebook

The Busch School of Business and Economics at The Catholic University of America is committed to training students in a virtue-based business background.

– CUA Business Facebook

What do Koch Industries’ “Market-Based Management” and Catholic Social Doctrine have in common? More than you might think.

This statement probably sounds pretty strange. After all, the Catholic Church is the bride of Christ, the earthly messenger of God’s kingdom, charged with leading all souls to heaven. Charles Koch, for his part, is an entrepreneur from Wichita, Kansas, who runs one of the largest private companies on earth, and Market-Based Management (MBM) is his business philosophy that has helped Koch Industries become so successful. I’ve had the privilege of working with him in many capacities, and I believe his business philosophy and the Church’s teaching have much in common....READ MORE

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For Faithful Catholic Voters, There Is No Easy Third-Party Choice (4728)

Some Catholics aren’t satisfied with both major party 2016 presidential nominees and are scrutinizing other candidates for the nation’s highest political office.

09/26/2016 Comments (30)
Photos by Getty Images

Libertarian Party presidential Candidate Gov. Gary Johnson (r) and his running mate, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, attend the SiriusXM Libertarian Presidential Forum at the National Constitution Center on Sept. 12 in Philadelphia. Below, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein answers questions during a press conference at the National Press Club on Aug. 23 in Washington. At bottom, Independent presidential candidate and former CIA agent Evan McMullin addresses supporters on Aug. 10 in Salt Lake City.

– Photos by Getty Images

WASHINGTON — For faithful Catholics who in good conscience cannot cast a ballot for either GOP nominee Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton, there are several third-party choices — though no clear alternative.

“Catholics are often as politically confused, and as partisan, as the rest of the electorate. But faithful Catholics who attend Mass regularly tend to take their political obligations more seriously, too, and they work harder to align their ballot with their beliefs and make sure their conscience rests easy with their candidates. In 2016, this has proved difficult with the two majority-party nominees,” said Chad Pecknold, a theologian at The Catholic University of America and...READ MORE

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Catholics, Orthodox Sign Agreement on Primacy and Synodality (2611)

The 14th plenary session of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue Between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches was held Sept. 15-22.

09/26/2016 Comments (4)
Daniel Ibanez/CNA

Members of the commission for dialogue between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches outside the shrine of the Holy Face in Manoppello, Italy, on Sept. 18.

– Daniel Ibanez/CNA

CHIETI, Italy -- At an ecumenical gathering held this past week, representatives of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches signed a joint document regarding synodality and primacy during the first millennium.
The agreement can point to ways of “resolving problems still existing between Catholics and Orthodox today,” said Msgr. Andrea Palmieri, undersecretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.
The 14th plenary session of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue Between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches was held in the Italian city of Chieti Sept. 15-22. Their agreement was subtitled “Towards a Common Understanding in Service to the Unity of the...READ MORE

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Body of Third Mexican Kidnapped Priest Found (2784)

Pope Francis, who has often condemned drug related crime and violence in Mexico, voiced his closeness to the country’s bishops in his Sunday Angelus address.

09/26/2016 Comments (1)
vivver via Shutterstock, CNA

– vivver via Shutterstock, CNA

VATICAN CITY -- Less than a week after two Catholic priests in Mexico were found murdered after having been abducted from their parishes, the body of a third slain priest, Father José Alfredo López Guillén, has been found.

Father López Guillén, pastor of Janamuato in Mexico’s central state of Michoacan, was taken from the rectory of his parish by unknown persons on Sept. 19. His car had been found overturned on a road nearby.

According to a message written on the archdiocese’s Facebook page, the priest had been killed several days before his lifeless body was found near the town of near Puruandiro.

His abduction occurred on the same day that authorities found the lifeless bodies of...READ MORE

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