Letters 09.27.20

Readers respond to Register articles.

Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions.
Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions. (photo: NCRegister.com)

Still at Home

 My husband and I are considered very vulnerable under our Catholic doctor’s orders. We are still not allowed to go to Mass. Usually, I am a daily communicant, and it is difficult to not receive the Eucharist. I enjoy EWTN Masses; and, for now, spiritual communion is very important. The priests give such excellent homilies; I take notes!

What I don’t understand is how a priest giving Communion on the tongue and/or in the hand is not seen as a higher risk factor than grocery shopping. People are not 6 feet apart at our parish. Most aren’t wearing masks, including priests and altar boys, depending on who is distributing Communion. Some priests use sanitizer; some do not.

At a grocery store, no one is putting food on your tongue and then reaching back into a bowl to serve the next person. Then there is the breathing all over the Hosts, as they say, “Amen.” 

Here in the Washington, D.C., area, Msgr. Charles Pope had COVID and was hospitalized twice. More than 100 communicants got COVID. So there is a real concern. 

Where is the science that says touching tongues and touching ungloved hands is okay?

Pulling your mask down to receive and having your hands on the benches exposes us in ways we have been told that are not good. 

We want to come back physically to church very much, but until some of these exposure issues are addressed, a lot of us will still be at home.

 Name Withheld 

 Ashburn, Virginia


Wordless Message

Although I have no art background, contemporary cartoons in news media have always attracted me. I love the way they pack a huge punch in an often wordless presentation.

Kudos to the Pat Cross cartoon in the Aug. 2 edition (Opinion). The Little Sisters of the Poor replicating the iconic image of the Marines and one sailor planting the flag on lwo Jima is a classic. Joe Scheidler, the pro-life advocate, spent 30 years of his life battling Planned Parenthood before the Supreme Court. The Little Sisters may well beat his record in decades and number of times before the court.

The Little Sisters, through no intention of their own, have become “the Marines” in the battle for Americans’ right to religious freedom. Let’s all say a prayer for them.

Christine Wroblewski

Hockessin, Delaware

Alta Fixsler

Alta Fixsler Dies in Hospice

Doctors had previously believed that Fixsler would only live for hours after her birth due to the severity of the injury.