Christ, Have Mercy

Publisher's Note

Easter, Jesus Christ’s victory over death, and his Divine Mercy, which the Church celebrates on April 12, are inextricably linked. It is only through God’s merciful act for a fallen humanity that we are able to be redeemed.

Our page-one story on a few of the thousands of men, women and children in the United States who have come home to the Catholic Church this Easter illustrates that point clearly. In another page-one story, Pope Francis further emphasizes this link between Easter and God’s mercy with his declaration of a jubilee Year of Mercy, which will begin on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception this year.

Announcing the extraordinary year of the Church, the Holy Father said, “I am convinced that the whole Church will find in this jubilee the joy needed to rediscover and make fruitful the mercy of God, with which all of us are called to give consolation to every man and woman of our time.”

As we read the signs of our times, we know that God’s mercy is most surely needed. May we all be inspired this glorious Easter season to celebrate joy, welcome God’s mercy and share both with all of our brothers and sisters within reach and around the world.

Happy Easter, and may God continue to bless you!