2755 Station Ave.
Center Valley, PA 18034
(877) 4-DESALES

Enrollment:  1,736

The Institution:

  • President’s Oath *
  • Catholic Board
  • Catholic Faculty *
  • Mandatum Required
  • Theologians’ Oath

Campus Culture:

  • Mass and Confession
  • Speakers Vetted
  • Unobjectionable Clubs
  • No Coed Dorms *
  • Health Services Okay

School’s Comments:

President’s Oath: DeSales’ new president took office Jan. 1, 2018.

Faculty: The university does not have those statistics. 

Dorms: Some DeSales residence halls do house both genders, separated by wing or floor. Access to these areas is limited by proximity card access; opposite genders cannot access each other’s areas without being escorted as a guest during normal visitation hours.