Witches Brew

As you have probably heard, Christine O’Donnell won the Republican primary in Delaware for the Senate seat.  The story for the first few days after her victory was about how establishment Republicans have it out for her (they do).

But now professional leftist loudmouth Bill Maher has tried to undercut and embarrass the candidate by releasing a video of her back in the 90’s talking about some tenuous connection she had with witchcraft in high school.  High school.

Now of course, such things are never to be dabbled in, no matter what your age.  But Maher is not concerned for her soul; he does not believe she has a soul.  Rather, Maher seeks to embarrass her and maybe disqualify her in the eyes of voters—in particular, the Christian voters O’Donnell is counting on in order to win in November.

The issue for Maher is not that O’Donnell crossed paths with witchcraft in high school, but rather that she is now a conservative Christian.  O’Donnell has sought to downplay this incident and joke her way out of it.  However, it remains to be seen if this will permanently and negatively impact her campaign.

If the joking doesn’t work, there is one other thing she could try.  She could tell people she is still a witch.  Then what Maher have to say?

Witches reject God in favor of some pagan or atheistic drivel, they prefer the earth over actual people, and legend tells us they kill babies.  Maher’s problem with O’Donnell is not that O’Donnell may have once been a witch, his problem is that she is not still one today.  Among a certain crowd in Washington, such a witch would fit right in.  If she was from San Francisco instead of Delaware, there is no telling how far she could go in politics.