Why Would You Google 'Abortion'?

Jill Stanek asked an interesting question over the weekend.

Why Is Abortion Googled More in Pro-Life States?

This question comes from a Boston Herald article that reports on a recent study that found that “abortion” was Googled more frequently in states with conservative abortion policies than in states with easier access to abortion.

The problem is that the doctors who conducted the study were not content to simply report facts. They needed a reason. And without one they could prove, they opted for conjecture. Conjecture that supports their pro-legalized-abortion agenda, of course.

“In places where abortion access is readily available, people can go to their mainstream health care providers,” Reis suggested. In areas with more abortion searches, he said, “people may be going on the Internet to find alternate routes.”

He said the pattern was found in every state and country studied.

“We were actually very surprised. There is a very consistent, strong relationship,” Reis said.

Of course! People in pro-life states are researching abortion online so that they can figure out how to perform one on themselves! That’s the most logical explanation.

Or maybe not.

Maybe ... as commenters on Jill Stanek’s post are quick to point out, people research “abortion” as a means of keeping up with important news, learning about our nation’s laws, or educating themselves about fetal development.

In my Google account, I have a news page set to the keyword “abortion.” And it’s not because I am desperately trying to figure out how I can get myself one.

To me, this “study” and the doctor’s conjecture sound desperate. They need to keep coming up with ways to frighten people into believing we are a hair’s-breadth away from coat hangers and back alley abortions in which innocent pregnant women imperil their own lives in their determination to destroy their unborn children.

Come on. Give us more credit than that.