WaPo Hits Church With Un-padded Pipe

The fallout from the media’s purposeful misinterpretation of the Pope’s comments on condoms continues.

The media continues to use the Pope’s comments to promote the narrative that the Pope changed teaching on contraception despite all evidence and statements to the contrary.

Although it was utterly predictable, the media now has their lie and they will continue to run with it.  There is no better example of this than an article in yesterday’s Washington Post.

The article is laughingly titled “At St. Matthew’s, faithful have mixed views as they ponder pope’s comments on condom use.”  Mixed views?  That is a very funny title because the Washington Post did not quote one single person who agrees with the Church’s opposition to artificial contraception.  Not one.  So much for mixed views.

First, writer Michael E. Ruane sets up the lie.

Mixed feelings were common Sunday among Catholics attending Mass at St. Matthew’s at they tried to understand statements last week by Pope Benedict XVI that appeared to ease the church’s long-standing ban on using condoms.

In a new book, the pope indicated that condoms could be used to prevent the spread of life-threatening diseases, like HIV. In the past, official church teaching has forbidden condom use under all circumstances, as part of its opposition to birth control.

As already discussed ad infinitum (although Mr. Ruane conveniently did not get the message) The Pope did not ease the long-standing opposition to anything.  As a recap, let me quote Fr. Fessio.

Here’s an example of this distinction that parallels what the Pope said. Muggers are using steel pipes to attack people and the injuries are severe. Some muggers use padded pipes to reduce the injuries, while still disabling the victim enough for the mugging. The Pope says that the intention of reducing injury (in the act of mugging) could be a first step toward greater moral responsibility. This would not justify the following headlines: “Pope Approves Padded Pipes for Mugging” “Pope Says Use of Padded Pipes Justified in Some Circumstances”, Pope Permits Use of Padded Pipes in Some Cases”.

But never mind that.  The Wapo quotes seven “Catholics” in the article and ALL either support condom use or suggest is a personal choice.  The number of quotes in favor of the Church’s long-standing opposition to artificial contraception.  Zero.  Zilch. Nada.  Mixed views and all.

Due to the mis-handling of this story by the entire Vatican establishment from the Pope down to L’Osservatore Romano, the media will continue to hit the Catholic Church over the head with a big fat pipe.  Un-padded, of course.