This Week's Top Catholic Videos

So this is the New Evangelization, huh?

Say what you will YouTube is a place where souls can go to die. But many folks out there are shedding a little light out there -sometimes to great effect. Other times not so much. We've had monks and nuns singing their way onto the charts. But now we've got priests tap dancing their way into a viral hit. It's pretty fun.


Now we've got a nun singing Madonna's Like a Virgin. One of these things is not like the other. What next? Monks reinterpreting the theological intent of "Whoomp there it is?"

Here's a fun one. Students, priests, and faculty at Boston College chose to "Shake It Off" offering an invitation to “shake off our burdens and choose to foster "agape." The video is such as hit that Taylor Swift herself tweeted: “Thank you to everyone who took part in making this, it just made me SO happy!”

And this next one isn't technically a new video but it's making the rounds right now. It's a video of a Catholic Mass being conducted aboard LST-782 off the coast of Iwo Jima, Japan just weeks before the battle. No sound but it's an amazing video with all the men crowded around and the ship bounding about.