The Blessing Is Ours

This is one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever seen - the kind they’d make movies about if they made movies like this anymore.

A couple in Alabama were surprised to see a face they said looked familiar to them; a face they hadn’t seen for 15 years. Haylee Cain was five or six years old when Judson and Donna Emens last knew her from the Headstart program where Donna had worked back then. But all these years later they still recognized her. It was the same face they’d remembered. But now at 21 without a family unable to care for her Haylee was stuck in a nursing home.

The Emens went to visit the young woman and when they left they knew without talking about it that their lives were about to change.  Judson Emens said that day he knew “There’s no way we could’ve just left her there.”

Just watch the videos and prepare some tissues:

And this story from NBC is also quite good:

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It’s always amazing to me to see people who act so kindly and lovingly towards others insist that they are the ones being blessed. It’s so counterintuitive but it’s true. People like the Emens should inspire us all to do better, to be better so that we too will feel blessed.