The summer season of “Reel Faith” is now well underway, with episode 3 debuting this Friday at 8:00 PM Eastern, followed by a repeat of episode 2. (When and where to watch “Reel Faith”)

While David and I seldom disagree on films, this Friday is a rare chance to see us split twice — mildly on Pitch Perfect 2 (episode 2) and strongly on Aloha (episode 3). Yes, one of us liked one of those films and disliked the other, and the other felt the opposite. (But which is which? Tune in and find out!)

I have to say it feels energizing to disagree, and I’m sure it makes for more interesting viewing. I wish we disagreed more often! I don’t know why, but week after week, on film after film, it seems like we have pretty much the same basic reactions, even if our angles are a little different.

If you’re watching “Reel Faith,” let me know what you think. We’re now in our sixth summer season, and I find I enjoy watching the show myself in a way I didn’t in the early going. Of course, there’s always room for improvement.

Here are the latest 60 second reviews.

Mad Max: Fury Road (SDG)

What a lovely day.

Poltergeist (SDG)

Full disclosure: For what it’s worth, I’m not a huge fan of the beloved 1982 original. (I do like Sam Rockwell, here in the Craig T. Nelson role.)

Aloha (DD)

Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and Bill Murray star in Almost Famous director Cameron Crowe’s latest romantic comedy-drama, set in Hawaii.

Little Boy (DD)

The makers of Bella are back with a World War II drama about two little boys, one 7 years old, the other 13 kilotons TNT.

Gladsome Light (DD)

In the tradition of Into Great Silence and No Greater Love, this documentary takes us into an Eastern Catholic monastery.

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