Sinead: Jesus Would Burn the $&%@# Vatican To the Ground

Sinead O’Connor has long been one of the leading anti-Catholic celebrities of our time. And in our time that takes some doing.

But Sinead really outdid herself in a recent interview. She didn’t just say that the Vatican should be burned to the ground. She said the %$^@#$ Vatican should be burned to the ground. And that if Jesus was around he’d burn it to the ground.

Soooo…Sinead O’Connor believes Jesus is an arsonist. It’s possible I guess this comes from a misinterpretation of Luke which states: “I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!” Hey, maybe she’s a literalist.

But you’ve got to read all of her comments to really appreciate how looney tunes she actually gets in this interview which she’s ostensibly giving to entice people to come see her perform.

The Age:

‘‘I call them the Vatican’t,’’ said O’Connor, who is in Australia to perform just once, at this Saturday’s Melbourne Festival closing concert Seven Songs to Leave Behind. ‘‘It’s a nest of devils that’s run by people with no respect for God or children or the rest of us.’‘

The Pope and the top tier of the church should step down immediately, she said. ‘‘And after they step down they should present themselves at their local police stations and ask to be prosecuted.’‘

After that, she said, ‘‘we should burn the f—-ing Vatican to the ground, frankly, and I know if Jesus was here that’s exactly what would be happening’‘.

There’s a misconception that O’Connor is anti-Catholic, but in fact she’s fiercely spiritual, and in 1999 was ordained a priest of a breakaway Catholic order.

‘‘I’m someone who really believes in the Holy Spirit, whatever you want to call it - f—-ing Allah or Daisy or Fred - and I don’t like to see that spirit being misrepresented to the point where people are horrified to even think of the ‘G’ word,’’ she said.

My favorite part of the piece is the objective statement from the reporter that “there’s a misconception that O’Connor is anti-Catholic.” Ha! A misconception? What about burning the “nest of devils” to the ground would give someone that idea?

Sheesh. Some question whether a mosque should be built on Ground Zero and are called everyone name in the book. But Sinead’s still a celebrity in good standing?

No word yet on whether Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walked out of the room upon reading this interview.